Thursday, March 14, 2013

Who Knew??

I've really been enjoying my girls. And maternity leave. And of course, this warm weather. Tonight, James is going to grill for us. A little chicken. And I told him that I'd make some sort of pasta salad. It's our favorite!!
I was thinking about this. And how I wanted to try something new. Something a little different. And I remembered this post. I'd read it months ago. Then I bookmarked it. Today, I dug this back up. I wrote down the ingredients. And loaded up the girls.

My quick trip to the store, resulted in 2 hours at World Market. Then another 2 hours at Target. Not including breastfeeding in the car. You see, I got a little distracted. There are so many great things at World Market!! I usually go with my friend. But she's been out of town.

I still can't believe, that I spent that long, in World Market!! How in the world, do you debate buying serving bowls and platters, for an hour? I did!! And I know it will happen again. Because I love that place!! And I really do adore Target. For the love of life itself, why does Target always have to have such cute things??

Back to my regularly scheduled program here. :) I've got noodles boiling. And veggies chopped. Who knew, you could eat zucchini raw?? I didn't!! It's a new concept for me. But something I'm excited to try. Now what time is?? And when is James coming home?? Because I might have also picked up some fresh pineapple to grill. And a little vanilla ice cream to go with it. This staying home business, it's a GREAT thing!! Next up on my aadventures, trying a few more of these yummy treats. :)