Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Dolls

Now that we know our twins are girls, let the spoiling begin!! I've ordered a mass amount of bows and headbands, from Etsy. LOVE that place!! I've got my eye on some blankets. But the one thing, that James and I really wanted to do, was buy them something special. Perhaps, that something special, that will become their "buddy."

I don't know about you. But growing up, I had this stuffed doll. She wasn't a plastic doll. No. Something that my parents had picked up. I think my mom said, that she bought it at an arts and crafts event. But my doll is a rag doll. That became my BBF.

Even when I moved out, and went to college, my doll came with me. I know! I was 18 y/o. But she was my doll. The one thing I slept with, until James and I got married. :)

I want my girls to have something special like that. Something, that will get them through illnesses, and that they just adore. A little friend that they can turn to....and love. Something, that when they are 30 y/o, they will see. And it will flood them, with memories of a happy childhood.

Before we knew that our twins were girls, I'd looked at many things on Etsy. I'd saved the various shops. That had cute stuffed toys. But I kept coming back to one shop. And silently, in my heart, I prayed that I could order 2 of these....

Not going to lie here. They are pricey. But some things in life, were meant to cost a little more. Because they have meaning. And were made with love. James and I immediately contacted the seller. And ordered 2!! We might not know, what our girls will look like. What color of hair, or eyes they will have. Or what colors and patterns, they will like most. But, we ordered something, that we both enjoyed.

Yes, it was a team effort here. That's a lot of money to spend. So we wanted to make our purchase, something that we'd both enjoy. The girls very first dolls, will be something very special!! With dark hair. I'm almost positive, our girls will have dark hair. They will be half hispanic after all!!

I'm most excited about this purchase. And the delivery. Is that nuts? I hope not. Because this was a "Big Day" for us. You know, after finding out that our twins are both girls!! I just can't wait to surround them with ruffles, bows, lace, pink stuff, dolls, and lots and lots of girly things!! This is going to be so fun!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Summer Must!!

I adore Summer! Almost a little too much. Especially, because I live in the southwest. And it's hotter than heck! Let's just put it this way, we've got more triple digit temps, between June and August, than double digit temps. Many of those days, you can feel the soles of your shoes, melting as you walk across a parking lot. Yes, it is hot!!

Your AC, never gets turned off. Ever!! Not during the Summer. You don't plan activities, between 11am and 6pm. Not outside. And you ALWAYS carry around ice cold water. ALWAYS!!

If you are my friend Lola, well you are crazy. Because she has no AC. Relies on fans, that do little to bring down the temps in your home. And finds any excuse, to eat ice cream. Maybe even drink it. Because this is her favorite drink....

What is it, you ask? An "Orange-sicle Float." At least that's what Lola calls it. And just about a month ago, she introduced it to me. Oh. Emm. Geee!! It is delicious! And the perfect drink to quench your thirst. Even in the desert.

I know. It sounds odd. But really, you must all try this. Take some vanilla ice cream. Or a heck of a lot in our case. And your favorite orange soda. Scoop up the ice cream, into a tall glass. Add in some ice cold, orange soda. And enjoy!

If you happen to be "slightly" lazy like me. Head to your favorite Sonic. As for a Root beer float. With orange soda. And maybe a spoon. You are going to thank me and Lola. Hurry and try this!