Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday with a Little Cake....

I started my 2nd week back at work. Today. I'm beat! And very thankful, when I got to come home early. In fact, I might have tried to kiss the lead nurse. I think Maria just knew, I'm still struggling with this new schedule.

James got off of work, earlier in the day, than me. So he picked up the girls. And this momma ran home! Practically. When I got home, I was grateful to see that James had done a little grocery shopping. And noticed my list. That included ingredients, for this lovely cake. :)

I spotted this cake last night. When I was reading some of my favorite blogs. Really, it was like the heavens were opening up. Orangesicles are my favorite summertime treat!! Even half asleep, and with only a receipt to write on, I jotted down the ingredients.

And because our beautiful baby girls, were down for their afternoon nap, when I got home. And James had fallen asleep too. Momma had some time on her hands. Which was good for all. I mixed together this treat. And now, I'm sitting here, waiting for the fruits of my labor, to be ready.

Really, how can I complain? It's Monday, and I got to leave work early. My girls are happy and healthy. My hubby is too! And we have the rest of tonight, to just enjoy each other's company. And a piece of this delicious cake!! My whole house, smells like an Orangesicle!!

If you want to bake one too, head over to Shay's blog for the directions. And don't blame me, if you spend a few hours searching through her recipes. :)

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