Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sugar and Spice: Week 15

What a week!! People. It. Was. CRAZY!!!! And emotional. And I'm glad it's in the books. And behind us. Looking forward to a better week! Let's start this week's Sugar and Spice!!
*SURVIVING my first week, back to work. I cried many times. Leaned on friends at work. And I'm grateful, that our girls get to stay with Rach, when both James and I are working!
*The HUGE sale at Target!! For real. If you haven't been, run now. Or first thing in the morning. I'm not lying!! GREAT prices on diapers, wipes, baby clothes, and baby gear. With coupons, some stuff was free!! And they gave us giftcards, just for shopping this week!!
*Shopping for James and I. Since we saved some money this week, on diapers and wipes, we bought some clothes. Because you just can't pass up $5 shirts and tanks. And $8 shorts!! Not when we have over 40 days of 100+ temps, a year!!
*A little splurge for this momma. Essie's Tart Deco nail polish. LOVE this color!! It's perfect for Spring!!
*Beautiful, 70 degree, Spring weather. Thank you Jesus!! This week was just beautiful!!
*A long lazy, Friday evening. Spent laying under our tree, in the backyard. With the girls. Enjoying each other. And this weather!!
*A yummy dinner, with our "Firefighter Family." Good food. Great company!!
*Hart of Dixie. LOVE this show!!
*Bible study. This week, I just needed it. God answered my prayers. And my soul feels complete again!
*Baby bath time!! My favorite time of the day. Playing with our girls. Watching all their cute facial expressions. Just soaking it all up!!

*Going back to work. Being apart from my girls. It was almost too much for this momma to take!!
*All the demo going on in this city!! So much controversy going with it. So much destruction. So much dust and smoke.
*Eating McD's twice for lunch. This week. Because the cafeteria was insane!! I need to start packing my lunch.
*My aching feet. I forgot what it was like, to work 12+ hours/day.
*Dry hands. I NEED to go buy some good lotion. Working in the hospital, is tough on your hands.
*Doing our taxes. When did it get to be so crazy? We finally got them in the mail on Thursday!!
*Cancelling my mani-pedi. Because my feet were so tired, I couldn't think of walking from my car, to the front door.
*Sonic charging me full price, twice this week. During "Happy Hour." For my favorite diet cherry limeaid. FAIL!!
*Re-runs of Grey's Anatomy this week. What's up with that?!?!
*And re-runs of 2 Broke Girls. I miss my favorite TV shows!!

It was a crazy week. This weekend completely made up for it!! Lots of time spent with my little family. Cuddling. Comfy in our pjs. Loving our life!! The little shopping trip to Target today, was a total success!! Love when that happens!! Have a GREAT week!!

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