Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Bite of Perfection!!

I owe a HUGE thanks to this girl. She introduced me to the cupcake. Well, not introduced me. I knew them. I'd had them as a kid. Occasionally, at work. But I had never really known, a good cupcake. Not until my friend.

She happens to adore cupcakes. And she's good at baking them. All sorts of them. And she treats so many people, to her yummy creations!! But this week, she totally out did herself!! With these sweet treats.

When Lola asked me, what she could bring to the girls' baptismo, I left it up to her. Knowing that we wouldn't be disappointed. She's a GREAT cook!! And when she should up, with dozens of these perfect little cupcakes, I was over the moon!!
They were light, and full of flavor. Yummy strawberry. The icing was light, and fluffy. And when I asked her for the recipe, she didn't hesitate. She pointed me here. Told me about the little changes she had made. And we ate a few more. I have a feeling, I'll be making these for years to come!!