Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home Depot Has What??

Last week, I was catching up on some blogs. Trying not to jump out of my skin. You know, anticipating the girls' birth. I started reading this post. And started dreaming a little. You know, about the day I would have 2 girls. And could take them on fun outings.

Oh ya! I was pumped!! There is just something, about Christmas. To me, it screams "kids." And makes me want to have a dozen!! I have this soft spot in my heart, for kids. It's the reason I'm a pediatric nurse. :)

Back to the post. Besides the darling Kensington, I noticed her little stuffed animals. Could this be the "mommy in me?" Not sure! But I thought to myself, the perfect addition, to the girls' Christmas nursery. I googled the doll. And ordered 2. So cute!! But the Rudolph. I didn't know where it came from.

I left Shay a quick comment. And she almost immediately, pointed me to Home Depot. Who the heck knew?? Since I knew James was heading to Home Depot already, I asked him to search out these little guys. When I mentioned that they were for the girls, he was all over it! Yes, he bought supplies for our door decoration. And some stuffed animals. :)

And guess who made it home first?? Our little buddies here. But it looks like we'll get to take the girls home tomorrow!! I'm so excited!! Christmas, 2 beautiful babies, our doesn't get any better!! :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 37

How far along? 37 Weeks!!
Total weight gain: 38 lbs (Pre-pregnancy weight: 115 lbs). I don't even know how I'm gaining weight. I barely eat anymore.
Babies are the size of: The twins, are as long, as a stalk of Swiss chard.
Babies' development: From what I hear, the twins are running out of room. They're growing so big. That all these things I'm feeling, are the babies stretching and wiggling. No more hard kicks. :(
Estimated length of babies': About 19.13 in
Estimated weight of babies': Around 6.30 lbs. That's each baby. I know that my girls are quite that big. But still. That a lot of baby!
Maternity clothes: Clothes?? Why do pregnant women need to wear clothes? I'm pretty sure, I've worn pjs for days. Weeks even. And now, I don't even want to do that! Everything is irritating my belly. I've begun to wear underwear and big shirts around the house. Except when we have visitors.
Stretch marks: I'm moisturizing, like my life depends on it! No lie!! But I'm pretty sure, that I see a little stretch mark coming on. And my new BFF....she's just keeps on getting darker.
Sleep: Sleep?? What is that? I can't get comfortable to sleep. My belly is just too big. Last week, I was all about sleeping. This past week, almost nothing at all!!
Best moment this week: Installing our car seats. It just made all these things so real!! 5 days until our induction. I'm nervous and excited!!
Miss anything: Sleeping. Being comfortable in my skin. A belly that doesn't itch so much. My word!! I look like a crazy lady, scratching my belly.
Movement: It's definitely not the hard kicks, from a few weeks ago. More like turns, wiggles, hiccups, and hands and feet pushing against my belly. At first, that was a little spooky. But it's something that I'm growing to love. I almost feel like I can grab the girls' hands. :)
Food cravings: Thanks to this lady, I'm back to loving crispy tortillas with cheese. Not quite a quesadilla. Better! And water with orange slices. Yum! I can't get enough!!
Gender prediction: 2 beautiful little girls!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Eating more than half a sandwich. I can't eat too much. Or else I get sick to my stomach. Also, trying to bend over. Good thing I don't have to tie any shoes.
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks contractions are happening more and more every day. I get at least 1 bad one a day. I have to stop what I'm doing. Just to get through it. The Drs. tell me, this is very normal. And actually really good for me and the girls.
Symptoms: Light headed, when I do anything to exert myself. If I get up too quick, lie on my side, bend over, laugh too hard. I'm also incredibly sore. Like I've run a marathon or something.
Belly button in or out: It's as out as you can get!
Wedding rings on or off: They're very tight. But I managed to jam them on, for both of our outings this week.
Happy or Moody most of the time: I've been on "Cloud 9" all week! Singing to my girls. Taking in these last few days of pregnancy.
Looking forward to: Finally holding our girls!! This week. I just can't believe it. After all we've been through. This is just a miracle. Soon we'll have Gwen and Melia to hold. And love!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Door Candy :)

I was browsing my favorite blogs over the weekend, and I came across something so fun. And so festive, that I begged my hubby to run to Hobby Lobby. Just for me! And what was it, that caught my eye? This cute candy cane....

Monday night, James put the plumbing thing and hanger together for me. And then spent the night, watching the football game. Me? I spent it making a perfect candy cane. For our side door!! :)
Yes, I'm proud of myself. My candy cane looks a little different. It's a lot bigger, than I first thought. My embellishments have a lot more "glitz" to them. But it so fun! And festive. Apparently, I was so into my craft, that it completely wore me out! I fell asleep, before watching my beloved, 2 Broke Girls, and Teen Mom 2.

But I learned a few things. 1, I adore crafting! 2, I can craft. 3, our bed still has feathers and glitter in it. Probably not the best place to "get my craft on." Between, I have an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G hubby! What other husband goes to Hobby Lobby to buy these items? Just so his wife, can make this silly candy cane. I LOVE James so much!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Our 2012 Advent Calendar

I've always wanted to do a Advent Calendar. ALWAYS!! Something has always has always come up. I've always put it on the back burner. Always insisted, "Next year, will be the year."

Last year, I went as far as "saving" this picture. Because I adored this advent calendar! I even went to the website, to order the supplies. Then I realized, I needed a machine, that was a couple hundred dollars. Something that I wasn't positive, I'd use again.

And to be completely honest, we were trying to save money. We were dishing it out, on more important fertility treatments and doctors. So yet, another year went by, and we didn't have an Advent Calendar.

This year, well I'm on bed rest. Not shopping in the stores. Not finding what I want online. And I'm still not a "crafty person." Can you see my problem? But I haven't let that bother me. I've dug around Pinterest. Found a ton of ideas. Things that I would like to try. In the future. With the girls. Or with a friend. Who could really provide some help. :)

I was losing hope, for this year too. Wondering if we'd get an Advent Calendar. Being that it ONLY took me 8 years, before I settled on an Advent Wreath. After seeing this lady's wreath. I promptly ordered one. Last year. :)

Are you starting to see the problems? I'm indecisive. I'm not crafty. To be honest, I can be picky too. :( But Pinterest did not fail me. Oh no it didn't! Look at what I came across....

What is this? I asked the same thing, when I first found the picture. Then it lead here. I swear to you, I almost heard the angels singing!! :) It's an Advent Calendar of books. Perfection!! Have you been following along, with how James and I, are building a library for our girls??

And well, most importantly, I can do this. All by myself. Well, almost. The first book that we knew we had to buy, was "The Night Before Christmas." Then James and I, agreed to each find 12 Christmas/winter/religious books. Let's just say, we put a few gift cards to great use! And totally took advantage of some perks on Amazon. :)

We've now got 25 books. I wrapped them up a few weeks ago. All in different paper. James bought me some scrap booking numbers, cards, shapes, and printed tape. So I've had a ton of fun, putting this together. I'm not sure where our camera is, at the moment. But I took a picture of all our wrapped books, laying out on our "Christmas shelf."

On Saturday, we opened the first one. And read it to the twins. James set up the video camera. And every night since, we've done the same. We plan to do this until Christmas. Hopefully, we'll have 11 days reading to my belly. And 14 days, reading to our precious girls!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm Not Alone!!

OK, so I should be in church right now. Should. But you know the situation. I'm on bed rest. Just 10 days from being induced!! And well, I can't contain myself. James left for church about an hour ago. I'm sure he won't be home, for another 2 hours. That's the tough part, of worshiping, an hours drive from where you live....

That means, I've got some time to kill. The minute hubs hit the door, I hit Pinterest. And these pictures, just made me smile!!

Do you get it? It's Christmas decorating....for a nursery!! First of all, I adore little Harper's nursery. And Jessica's blog. Which I originally found through Pinterest. Because of her amazing chalkboard skills!! If you personally know us, now you know!! That was my inspiration, for our mass amount of pictures....with the chalkboard!!

I'm not completely sure how I missed this post. But I found the pictures on Pinterest. Just now! And I just couldn't help myself, I had to go to the post!! The thing is, I've been buying Christmas decorations for the girls. I've ordered some online. Including an "Elf on the Shelf." And I might have also convinced some friends, to pick me up a few things.

James on the other hand, thinks I'm a nutcase!! Why would I want to decorate the nursery?? With Christmas decorations. After 10 years, you'd think he would know me by now! Little by little, I've been handing the decorations over to Lola. You know, our nursery is still a secret, to James and I.

But I know Lola. And I know her LOVE of all things holiday! Christmas included!! She decks out the kids' rooms at the hospital. Every holiday. So I knew my girls would be in good hands. This post, just solidifies, that we're not nuts!!

I like how the decorations aren't too much. Or overwhelming. Just perfect. Adding the charm and magic of Christmas, without too much "in your face." A few fun additions. Splashes of holiday cheer, and color.

Between you and me, that doll, she just caught my eye!! I don't know what it is. But I just have to have her. Or something really similar. I've left a comment for Jessica, and hope to hear back soon. 23 days 'til Christmas. Y'all my girls NEED that doll!!

And that red polka dot blanket. You can bet your behind, that I called this lady. Who by the way, is helping to transport some pediatric burn victims today. Flying back and forth, between our hospital, and the nearest burn center. Please keep them all in your prayers. It was a tragic accident. I'm just grateful, that our hospital has an amazing team. Including this gal!

Between flights, and work, I managed to get in touch with her. Sent her this picture. And asked her, if she might have some time, to make me 2 blankets. :) I was prepared to beg. But I'm so blessed. With a friend, who has a heart, the size of Texas!!

Then I sent James a text. With this picture. And told him, he needed to stop by the fabric store. To pick up some similar fabric. His response, "Gotcha babe!" I love him so!! Now you all know, why these 10 years, have been such a blessing!!

I should probably stay off of Pinterest. You know, for at least the rest of the day. :) Before I get into any more trouble. Dream up anymore ideas, for my girls. And spend more money. Happy Sunday!!