Monday, December 3, 2012

Our 2012 Advent Calendar

I've always wanted to do a Advent Calendar. ALWAYS!! Something has always has always come up. I've always put it on the back burner. Always insisted, "Next year, will be the year."

Last year, I went as far as "saving" this picture. Because I adored this advent calendar! I even went to the website, to order the supplies. Then I realized, I needed a machine, that was a couple hundred dollars. Something that I wasn't positive, I'd use again.

And to be completely honest, we were trying to save money. We were dishing it out, on more important fertility treatments and doctors. So yet, another year went by, and we didn't have an Advent Calendar.

This year, well I'm on bed rest. Not shopping in the stores. Not finding what I want online. And I'm still not a "crafty person." Can you see my problem? But I haven't let that bother me. I've dug around Pinterest. Found a ton of ideas. Things that I would like to try. In the future. With the girls. Or with a friend. Who could really provide some help. :)

I was losing hope, for this year too. Wondering if we'd get an Advent Calendar. Being that it ONLY took me 8 years, before I settled on an Advent Wreath. After seeing this lady's wreath. I promptly ordered one. Last year. :)

Are you starting to see the problems? I'm indecisive. I'm not crafty. To be honest, I can be picky too. :( But Pinterest did not fail me. Oh no it didn't! Look at what I came across....

What is this? I asked the same thing, when I first found the picture. Then it lead here. I swear to you, I almost heard the angels singing!! :) It's an Advent Calendar of books. Perfection!! Have you been following along, with how James and I, are building a library for our girls??

And well, most importantly, I can do this. All by myself. Well, almost. The first book that we knew we had to buy, was "The Night Before Christmas." Then James and I, agreed to each find 12 Christmas/winter/religious books. Let's just say, we put a few gift cards to great use! And totally took advantage of some perks on Amazon. :)

We've now got 25 books. I wrapped them up a few weeks ago. All in different paper. James bought me some scrap booking numbers, cards, shapes, and printed tape. So I've had a ton of fun, putting this together. I'm not sure where our camera is, at the moment. But I took a picture of all our wrapped books, laying out on our "Christmas shelf."

On Saturday, we opened the first one. And read it to the twins. James set up the video camera. And every night since, we've done the same. We plan to do this until Christmas. Hopefully, we'll have 11 days reading to my belly. And 14 days, reading to our precious girls!!

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