Friday, April 19, 2013

I NEED to Go Shopping!!

On Sunday night, I was a little tired. After our big Target shopping trip. The girls must have been too! Because they fell asleep early. And stayed asleep, for hours!!

That gave me and James a little time, to catch up on things. For me, that meant a little blog reading. And some ice cream eating. Oh ya! And when I got to Andrea's blog, I was met with such a fun post!! Griffin is going to be one lucky little lady!! And that makes me want to go shopping, for our girls. :)

How about some cute onesies. And Babylegs!! Add a few bows, and we're all set for summer. I'm not sure if those are shorts or skirts....but those are adorable too!! Where can I get outfits like this??

How about this adorable dress? Oh my goodness! So cute. I don't know what it is. But I adore this dress. Maybe it's because it's a feminine dress. With a masculine print. I really adore this dress. Where can I find this one??
Lastly, this adorable outfit!! Perfect for a fall day. Those tights, are killing me!! I think I spotted some like these, at GAP Kids. At least I'm hoping I did! The rest, I have no clue!! But my sweets NEED this outfit. Don't worry. Momma is all over this.
Maybe this is just an excuse, for me to go shopping. You know, I spent my last trimester on bedrest. And the first few months, of my girls' lives, cuddled up at home. Shopping hasn't been too high on my priority list. Now I need to make up for it. Because my girls need some cute outfits. Or I need some friends like Andrea and Amber....who can shop for us. And have such great style!! Lola, Manders, Rach, anyone willing to do this for me??

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