Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home Depot Has What??

Last week, I was catching up on some blogs. Trying not to jump out of my skin. You know, anticipating the girls' birth. I started reading this post. And started dreaming a little. You know, about the day I would have 2 girls. And could take them on fun outings.

Oh ya! I was pumped!! There is just something, about Christmas. To me, it screams "kids." And makes me want to have a dozen!! I have this soft spot in my heart, for kids. It's the reason I'm a pediatric nurse. :)

Back to the post. Besides the darling Kensington, I noticed her little stuffed animals. Could this be the "mommy in me?" Not sure! But I thought to myself, the perfect addition, to the girls' Christmas nursery. I googled the doll. And ordered 2. So cute!! But the Rudolph. I didn't know where it came from.

I left Shay a quick comment. And she almost immediately, pointed me to Home Depot. Who the heck knew?? Since I knew James was heading to Home Depot already, I asked him to search out these little guys. When I mentioned that they were for the girls, he was all over it! Yes, he bought supplies for our door decoration. And some stuffed animals. :)

And guess who made it home first?? Our little buddies here. But it looks like we'll get to take the girls home tomorrow!! I'm so excited!! Christmas, 2 beautiful babies, our doesn't get any better!! :)

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