Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Door Candy :)

I was browsing my favorite blogs over the weekend, and I came across something so fun. And so festive, that I begged my hubby to run to Hobby Lobby. Just for me! And what was it, that caught my eye? This cute candy cane....

Monday night, James put the plumbing thing and hanger together for me. And then spent the night, watching the football game. Me? I spent it making a perfect candy cane. For our side door!! :)
Yes, I'm proud of myself. My candy cane looks a little different. It's a lot bigger, than I first thought. My embellishments have a lot more "glitz" to them. But it so fun! And festive. Apparently, I was so into my craft, that it completely wore me out! I fell asleep, before watching my beloved, 2 Broke Girls, and Teen Mom 2.

But I learned a few things. 1, I adore crafting! 2, I can craft. 3, our bed still has feathers and glitter in it. Probably not the best place to "get my craft on." Between, I have an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G hubby! What other husband goes to Hobby Lobby to buy these items? Just so his wife, can make this silly candy cane. I LOVE James so much!!

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