Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm Not Alone!!

OK, so I should be in church right now. Should. But you know the situation. I'm on bed rest. Just 10 days from being induced!! And well, I can't contain myself. James left for church about an hour ago. I'm sure he won't be home, for another 2 hours. That's the tough part, of worshiping, an hours drive from where you live....

That means, I've got some time to kill. The minute hubs hit the door, I hit Pinterest. And these pictures, just made me smile!!

Do you get it? It's Christmas decorating....for a nursery!! First of all, I adore little Harper's nursery. And Jessica's blog. Which I originally found through Pinterest. Because of her amazing chalkboard skills!! If you personally know us, now you know!! That was my inspiration, for our mass amount of pictures....with the chalkboard!!

I'm not completely sure how I missed this post. But I found the pictures on Pinterest. Just now! And I just couldn't help myself, I had to go to the post!! The thing is, I've been buying Christmas decorations for the girls. I've ordered some online. Including an "Elf on the Shelf." And I might have also convinced some friends, to pick me up a few things.

James on the other hand, thinks I'm a nutcase!! Why would I want to decorate the nursery?? With Christmas decorations. After 10 years, you'd think he would know me by now! Little by little, I've been handing the decorations over to Lola. You know, our nursery is still a secret, to James and I.

But I know Lola. And I know her LOVE of all things holiday! Christmas included!! She decks out the kids' rooms at the hospital. Every holiday. So I knew my girls would be in good hands. This post, just solidifies, that we're not nuts!!

I like how the decorations aren't too much. Or overwhelming. Just perfect. Adding the charm and magic of Christmas, without too much "in your face." A few fun additions. Splashes of holiday cheer, and color.

Between you and me, that doll, she just caught my eye!! I don't know what it is. But I just have to have her. Or something really similar. I've left a comment for Jessica, and hope to hear back soon. 23 days 'til Christmas. Y'all my girls NEED that doll!!

And that red polka dot blanket. You can bet your behind, that I called this lady. Who by the way, is helping to transport some pediatric burn victims today. Flying back and forth, between our hospital, and the nearest burn center. Please keep them all in your prayers. It was a tragic accident. I'm just grateful, that our hospital has an amazing team. Including this gal!

Between flights, and work, I managed to get in touch with her. Sent her this picture. And asked her, if she might have some time, to make me 2 blankets. :) I was prepared to beg. But I'm so blessed. With a friend, who has a heart, the size of Texas!!

Then I sent James a text. With this picture. And told him, he needed to stop by the fabric store. To pick up some similar fabric. His response, "Gotcha babe!" I love him so!! Now you all know, why these 10 years, have been such a blessing!!

I should probably stay off of Pinterest. You know, for at least the rest of the day. :) Before I get into any more trouble. Dream up anymore ideas, for my girls. And spend more money. Happy Sunday!!

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