Tuesday, February 19, 2013

LOVE Me Some Hearts!!

Tonight I was catching up, on a few of my favorite blogs. What else do you do when your hubby is working? And your twins are sleeping. Most people would say sleep. Me? I'm munching on some ice cream. Wondering if my friend Lola was working. Or if I should call her.

Everything about Amber's blog, makes me smile. All the time!! Jolie and Parker make my day! Almost as much as my own precious girls. Almost!! ;)

Well, this post, has me all smiles!! These pictures are adorable. Especially this one. Where in the world, can I get a blanket like this?? Or any of the others, in this post. Or the headbands. So sweet! As are the babylegs....

Amber has such great style. So do her girls! Wish I lived closer to the Massey Family. I'd want to be Amber's friend. I'd turn myself in. So she could help me with my style. And help me shop for my girls. I'd love to go shopping with her! And I bet, our girls would enjoy a little playtime too. Until then....this momma will be searching for a blankie like this. Lola, can you make one??

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