Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sugar and Spice: Week 2

Can we start this week's Sugar and Spice with....when did time start flying? How are my girls already a month old?? This is just too much!! Here we go!!
*Our twins, turned a month old!! Yesterday. There were a ton of tears shed. On my part. I just feel like they are growing so fast.
*Aubrey's sweet smile, when she's done breastfeeding. It makes me, want to eat her up!
*Her little sister Rosalie's soft coos, during our early morning feedings.
*My sweet hubby. Who insists on getting up with the girls at night. For diaper changes. Even when he has to work the next day!!
*This sweet lady. Just because she's so sweet. Never goes a day, without calling to check on us. And sends us the sweetest packages in the mail!!
*The "warmer weather." Yes, it hasn't been so cold lately! And that has been such a comfort!
*These silly footy pjs. Love them!! James is a total rock star hubby. But especially for buying them for me. :)
*The stack of movies, that my MIL sent us. They've been a nice little blessing. :)
*Sweet friends who visit. And bring yummy food with them!! Thank you Chavez Family!!
*Lastly, I found this recipe on Pinterest. James got up, extra early yesterday. And made us a batch. With some yummy bacon. To celebrate our sweet girls!! They were delish!!

*The HUGE blowout that Rosalie had, at her doctor's appointment. That got James dirty too. And we didn't have a change of clothes for him. Let's just say, I've learned my lesson. Not only do we have a change of clothes for the girls. We've got 2 each! And a change for each  of us....
*My slow cooker just dying. In the middle of making us dinner.
*Me not realizing it, until dinner time. By then, the food smelled like it spoiled. We had pizza for dinner that night.
*Realizing that baby spit up, gets everywhere. When does this happen?? I swear I don't see it happening. But I smell it later....
*Not having clothes that fit. I'm in that weird "in between" stage.
*Calling my mom, in the middle of me crying about something. But not really. I realized I had dialed the chief's home number. Did I go blond while I wasn't looking?
*Mailing some "Thank You" cards. And forgetting the postage. Needless to say, all 50 showed up in our mailbox.
*BIG tears after baby shots. I felt like they had tore my heart, right out of my chest. When did that happen??
*Miscalculating our "baby needs." And running out of wipes, in the middle of the night. :(
*Craving that chocolate raspberry ice cream. The one that H&D used to make. What I'd do for another taste of it....

What was your week like? I feel like mine was so full of ups and downs. Mostly ups. I'm falling more in love with my hubby, and girls, every day!! I can't remember what life was like....just a month ago. I just wish, I could bottle up this time!!

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