Monday, September 24, 2012

Christmas Perfection!!

This past weekend was one of those, that pre-bed rest, I probably would have enjoyed. Because I would have had time, to meet my friends for lunch. Or go shopping. Maybe have a "spa day." You see, James hasn't worked an entire weekend, in almost 2 months. Not from Friday afternoon, to Monday morning. But this weekend, was his weekend....

And I knew, that I was going to have a ton of hours, to fill up. My friend Rachael offered to hangout with me on Saturday. She's a "firefighter wife." So she gets it. Besides, Rachael was bringing her darling 3 kiddos with her. Total score!!

James had stocked the fridge. With my favorite foods, and snacks. He also was very thoughtful. And got me a lot of things, to occupy my time. Hello new nail polish! I told you ladies, don't be jealous of my hubby. He's just a doll! My friend Sarah, was going to come over, for dinner on Sunday. And I was really excited about this. Because she was bringing over our favorite take-out! All the plans were made.

But it still left me with hours, to fill. Yes, I had my stack of books, magazines, a movies to watch. But I also had Pinterest. An entire weekend, and Pinterest. I don't think I've shared this with you. Since being on bed rest, I must spend 3 hours a day, drooling on Pinterest. Boy, I could get myself into trouble there! If I followed all the links. Instead, I pin the pictures. And this past weekend, I found so many ideas. But nothing, and I mean nothing, as cute as this!!

I know! Christmas is 3 months away. But folks, that's just 3 months. What did I do, the minute I seen this on Pinterest? I followed the link here. Oh ya, I don't know how to crochet. But this lady does. And I just might have, emailed her the link, and begged her to make me 2.

Now my friend doesn't want to charge me. And I don't have a way to get the supplies. But I'm going to do something for her. Because this is just too much!! And honestly, it didn't take more than me asking, "Can you make this for the girls?" Lola said yes immediately. She is too sweet. And after a long talk this morning, we agreed that she'd "girl up" this little outfit. Maybe make a skirt, for the diaper cover.

I just can't wait to see the outfits! And to see my girls, in these outfits. Lola is going to make them in a newborn size. And I've already dreamt up, ways to take the girls pictures. Newborns at Christmas. Who would have thought! But it sounds like so much fun!! Just 3 more months.

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