Thursday, October 4, 2012

If Only I Could Stand Up....

There is something going on with me. Something that even James, knows not to mess with. I'm not sharing my sweets. From the beginning of my pregnancy, I've craved sweets. All sorts of them. But in the last few days, it's been all about this candy bark. It started 2 years ago. My friend Lola, brought some candy bark to work. I stole it. Ate it all up. Then begged her to make more.

Let's fast forward to last Fall. When I spotted this post at Mix and Match Mama. Immediately, I printed it. Didn't matter that I had just started my shift at work. I knew, I MUST make it. When I got off of work, 18 hours later, I headed to Walmart. Picked up my supplies. And went home.

Yes, I made it. Didn't matter that it was 6am. I made my bark. Put it in the freezer. Took the world's fastest shower. And ate my bark. It wasn't completely hard. But I couldn't wait any longer! Boy, since then, I've made this candy bark so many times!! Well, maybe not with the candy corn. But some variety of candy.

Today it's all I can think of. If I wasn't on bed rest, I'd be all over it. ALL OVER IT PEOPLE!! But apparently, even melting some candy, to make candy bark, is too much for this pregnant lady. I wonder if any of my friends are reading this? Lola? I'd really adore some candy bark. Pretty sure the girls agree with me! :)

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