Monday, May 7, 2012

Never Stop Dreaming....

Way back when, I found myself dreaming. Dreaming of a baby. This was years ago. And even then, just a few weeks pregnant, I found myself dreaming. Dreaming of being a momma. Having a precious little baby. During that first pregnancy, I dreamt. Of babies, happy times, and lots of cute things. I even saved this picture....

After my miscarriage, I was devastated. I endured a few of those. Then James and I took a break. We just couldn't handle it. We needed time to heal our hearts. But this picture, it was a constant for me. I kept saving it. From one computer, to another. And I kept dreaming.

From the time, that I found out I was pregnant, I've constantly looked at this picture. Imagining what our sweet babies will look like. Knowing, that in some way, we will incorporate monkeys into their nursery. Or playroom. Because they are flipping adorable!

And gave me the faith, to keep trying. To continue believing, that one day, James and I would have a precious baby. Or two! ;) To hold, call our own, and love. Now I MUST find something similar. In a few months, we will have 2 baby monkeys.

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