Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas PJs

A few weeks ago, I ran into a Dr. that I work with. I was at the hospital for a checkup. And he was there, having dinner with his wife. By the way, when James and I are old, I hope to be just like Dr. and Mrs. C. He still call his wife, "My Bride." They've been married over 60 years!!

James and I ran into them, as we were leaving our appointment. We were on "Cloud 9." My belly was leading the way. And Dr. and Mrs. C, invited us to sit with them. The fact that she had brought a homemade pie, and was offering me some, was a total bonus! Mrs. C makes dinner every day for them. And brings it into the hospital to share. Most days, they eat alone. It's so cute! Some days, they invite Dr. M and Dr. S to eat with them.

This was a total treat for me!! I NEVER get to eat with them. Although, Mrs. C has brought us plenty of yummy, baked goods. My schedule usually doesn't "match up" with Dr. C. But this day it did. Can you tell how much I enjoyed the pie?? Oh, and I also got a meatloaf sandwich out of it. :)

Dr. and Mrs. C happened to have 4 kids. Grown of course! With tons of grandkids. But they never get to see them. They live in NYC area. And we live in the southwest. Instead, they spoil the Drs., interns, and such that work in the hospital. Take all of us in, like their family. :)

We were all chatting about the girls. How potentially, I could be induced on December 12th. How the pregnancy is progressing. Mrs. C asked if there was anything else I was needing. Or wanting. Before the twins come. Honestly, there is not much left to do. We've been so blessed!! By our friends and family.

But I've been wanting some Christmas pjs for the girls. I haven't found anything online. James hasn't found anything in the stores. He's so cute! I send him out, looking for random things like this. Or tights with polka dots. Anyway, Mrs. C stopped by yesterday. To bring us some yummy treats. And 2 sets of these....

Aren't they adorable!! Not only did the girls get pjs. They got the slippers, and hats too! So sweet. I can't believe Dr. and Mrs. C did this for us!! I'm sure the girls are going to look adorable. Simply adorable!! I'm tempted to order James and I, a pair of these. ;) So we can all match!! Too bad they're not our size. But wouldn't this be a fun tradition to start? New Christmas pjs, for Christmas Eve!!

Anyway that you spin this, we're going to be so blessed this Christmas. We're going to have 2 of the most precious gifts, that we could ever ask for. Totally styling, in these cute outfits. Thank you Dr. and Mrs. C!!

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