Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Colorful Monkeys

I'm pretty darn sure, that by now, you know about my love of monkeys. It didn't really start until I was pregnant. That first time. And it has only "peeked out," while I've been pregnant. Believe me, I don't usually have stuffed monkeys hanging around.

But now that the girls are almost here, I find myself drawn to little monkeys. We bought some larger stuffed monkeys. At Babies-R-Us. And I asked my friend to decorate them. So that we can hang them on our hospital room door. After the girls are born. I seen this years ago on YouTube. But I can't find that video. :( My friend also made something similar for another friend of hers. But with a baby sheep. So cute!

James already knows, if there's a monkey on a onesie, blanket, or pair of pjs....were buying it. Times 2!! We're not all crazy here. Just a few stuffed animals, a set of Christmas ornaments, and some cute clothes. You know, with monkey faces, on the bums!!

Who knew that my hubby would join in, on all this madness?? I know! Shocking!! But one afternoon, I was cruising through Pinterest. Drooling over all these pictures. Am I the ONLY one that does this?? It proved to be too much for my pregnant self. I fell asleep. And when James got home, he noticed the last picture I was looking at....

Yes, I know! Shocking I tell you! But James hunted down the pattern on Etsy. From what I was told, by the firefighters, it took a few days. And a few of them. And maybe a few of their wives. Who knew it was that hard to find??

In case you're wondering, I don't have a "crafty bone" in my body. But my friend, is beyond talented!! Beyond folks! She did our entire nursery. And I'm thinking, I might need to put in some overtime, this Summer. Just so she can decorate our entire home!! I hear the nursery is AMAZING!! In case you're new around here, James and I, aren't going to see it until we bring the girls home. But I know Lola's work. And I know, it is gorgeous!!

Well, to make a long story short, Miss Lola outdid herself. And recreated this fun outfit. Just for our girls! In about a 3-6 month size. Because my dears, the twins' closet, is overflowing at the moment. With all these teeny, tiny clothes. And this will definitely be something fun, to dress them up in. You know, when it's warmer out.

I still can't believe James. He's "Mr. Wonderful" I tell you! And Lola, for making the cutest little things, just for our girls. I can't wait to dress them up. And take loads and loads of pictures!! Yes, I'm positive, that I'm going to be "that" mom!!

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