Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sugar and Spice: Week 13

Wow! I can't believe I'm writing my 13th Sugar and Spice. You know what that means? I've been on bed rest for 13 weeks!! But people, I can see the end in sight.

Let's get on with this. Because I'm sure, you don't want to hear all about my bed rest, pregnancy aches and pains, and all that other good stuff. So here we go....


*Thanksgiving with family and friends! Hello! It doesn't get much better than that. :)
*Lots of yummy food. Specifically, my mom's stuffing. And my momma-in-law's sweet potatoes. We're not going to talk about the weight, I'm sure I gained. We're just going to blame it on the pregnancy. Even though we all know, it was probably the 5 servings of sweet potatoes!!
*Super stretchy, maternity leggings. Because hello, this belly is HUGE!! Add in all the food, and heck, I don't know how my clothes fit!!
*James going "Black Friday" shopping with our mommas. It was for our girls. So he was all in! And came home, with some really good deals. :)
*Thanksgiving with my hubby. Being that he's a fireman, we usually don't get to spend the holiday together. He's usually working.
*Pumpkin brownies!! Hello!! I LOVE Mrs. C! And she is welcome anytime. Especially with those brownies!
*Teen Mom 2. I know. But I'm ridiculously addicted to this show.
*Buying the girls, their first ornaments. Yes, I managed a fairly quick run to Hallmark. With James. This is definitely something, that I've wanted to do for a while.
*Christmas decorations going up. I didn't get to put them up. But boy, they are gorgeous! And getting me into a festive mood. :)
*A warm Thanksgiving. The weather was so nice, that we spent much of the day, on the back patio. It was beautiful!


*I can't move. I'm positive that I've become a beached whale. I need help to get up. There are even nights, when James has to help me roll over. Hello!!
*This itchy belly. Why must it itch so much?? Dry skin is the worst!! I swear to you, I almost feel like I'm basting a turkey. You know, every time I slather on the moisturizer!
*Cankles. Hello there!! Didn't know that you would want to hangout. But apparently, we're going to be BBFs!!
*I couldn't stand cranberry sauce this year. Usually, I eat it all. This year, I didn't even want it near me!
*Still no Wons Upon a Time. What else can I say? I miss the cute little Isabelle posts. I just hope all is well with the family.
*Literally, 12 bathroom breaks a night. Hello!! Didn't think that was possible.
*Staying on that note, I miss sleeping through the night.
*Missing "Black Friday." I usually live for the day. Planning out my shopping trip. Knowing exactly what I'm buying, from each store. With all my ads highlighted, written on, and ready to go!
*Missing church. Yes, I still miss it so! Although, my friend, got our priest to come for a visit. I didn't know that they did "Home Visits." But it was nice! It definitely lifted my spirits as we prayed together. But I still miss going to church.
*Saying "goodbye" to our family. I really wish they lived here!

That's it folks. At least that's all I can think of. But then again, I'm sure I'm still in a "Turkey Coma." And we're already missing our family!! Glad that they came. And cooked us so much amazing food! But I really do wish, that they could stay longer. Have a Blessed Sunday!!

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