Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sugar and Spice: Week 12

How's every one's week been? Me? I think I might have forgotten what sleep is. I'm exhausted! But I'm getting it together. And I'm just grateful, that I can nap whenever I want. Let's get this week's Sugar and Spice underway!


*Once Upon a Time! Hello, it's so good every week. Clearly, it's becoming a favorite of mine. What in the world am I going to do, when I go back to work. I usually work Sundays....
*Dove's dark chocolate and raspberry candies. Thank you Lola for sharing them with me!! Life changing. People you must try them!!
*Long phones calls, with good friends. Sometimes, you just NEED to talk it out. Glad I got this girl, and this one, and this talk to!
*Cranberry juice. Unexpected for sure! I've never liked it before. But all of a sudden, I NEED a glass during breakfast. Every day!!
*A hubby that brings home beautiful flowers. Just because. He's definitely a keeper. Y'all don't be jealous!!
*Beautiful gift wrap. Just sitting here, waiting to be used up! The ribbons are pretty gorgeous too! Christmas, you can't come soon enough!
*My hubby's "All Day Chili." Heck ya! He cooked it twice, in 8 days. Love this man! And his chili. :)
*Online shopping. It's helping me get through the day. And not go nutso! I MISS shopping. But I'm finding out, online shopping can be fun too!!
*Carrot cake cupcakes. Thank you Lola! You know the way to my heart. The girls say Thank you too! Let's just say, we were all happy campers!!
*Most of all, this week I'm grateful for growing babies. My girls are both gaining weight. And doing well. We've even begun talking about potential delivery dates!! :)


*Watching Orphan. It scared me to death!! Literally, I couldn't sleep on Wednesday night. Because of this movie. I had to wait until James got home. Don't watch it!
*The smell of burnt toast. It takes forever to go away! Ugh!!
*"Pregnancy Brain." I can't remember my name at times.
*I miss getting my hair done. It's just a "Hot Mess" at the moment! I consider it a total success, to wash it. And throw it in a messy knot. Lame. I know!
*Fighting with Blogger. There are just some days, that I want to blog. And it doesn't let me. Or I want to add something cute to the 'ol blog. Blogger, just let me do it!
*Hearing people say, I look like I'm at 42 weeks! Really, you're not helping me out here. And all the "Bless your little heart," makes me cry.
*On that note, all this crying. When did I get so emotional? I cry for everything. Simply everything! Including when James killed a bug last night.
*All this "Holiday TV" interrupting my regular TV shows. Don't get me wrong, I love me some holiday movies. But I really do miss some of my favs right now.
*Our mail system. Why must all of our mail come back? Or get lost? Ugh! And the USPS is wondering why it's crumbling.
*Politics. Period. I'm so over them! Just get it together. Get our country back on track. Remember the average American. And how hard we work. Please protect us, and our families.

That's it! Oh, I'm so excited!! Our family is coming for a visit this week. Yes, I'm so excited!! Not only am I happy to see our family. But I'm also glad, that James will have some help. I know he's been doing a lot lately. Have a Blessed Sunday!!

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